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We are a team known for its highly effective and value added learning and individual development programs. The market is highly competitive, and demands high performance team working in tandem to ensure increased efficiency each day. We focus in assisting teams and enterprises build and develop high performance teams through our innovative and super-effective learning programs.

Our most sought-after Programs

Personal Etiquette & Grooming

Keenly followed by young graduates to better their job and induction prospects.


Selling Skills & Techniques

More adapted to the enterprise needs to build, empower and develop their members to increased efficiency and aggressive Business Development Team.


Team - Leadership Skills

Sought after programs for Middle and Lower Middle order executives and aspirants responsible for teams and profit – loss of the segment of business.


New Language & Accent Neutralization

Sought by individuals as well as enterprises, to augment tele-sales and customer service processes, found highly effective with increase in business performances.


General Management

Custom made programs for various aspects of business, change and people management.


Personal Management

Helps manage stress, ethics and balance in workspace and society.


"Our Modus is simple, we analyse your ‘training need’, propose a model, design a mutually agreed module and ensure high impact delivery. This is later evaluated for effectiveness. This simple pathway makes us a trusted companion for firms in their Learning and Development Needs."

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