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About Us

A group of committed individuals from various fields, passionate about transforming people for organizational success and subsequently contribute in the nation building exercise in our own way. Our expertise range from Need Assessment, Module Design, Structured Programs, Stand-alone and Web Enabled delivery, Cross Platform Engagement, Outdoor Programs, Theatre & Alternate Learning Models.

Originally, our core focus had been in transferring business skills and overall personality development. Gaining on successful assignments with clients have gradually enabled us to tackle more complex matters of talent development, and performance.

Our Vision is to Transform learners and organisations towards increased effectiveness. Our Mission is to induce positive transformation in learners with ‘Simplicity’ as a power tool.

At CorpMentor, simplicity is the foundation on which we have woven the fabric of learning essentials. Our high impact team of experts and professionals design tailor made programs which are amazingly effective and result oriented.

Research, innovation, energy, quality and care have been our passion that drives us to our milestones.

What we do?

We conceive, design and deliver the training assignments for our clients. The term clients, here could mean both individuals and enterprises with customized mandates of various nature. We offer our service to both in-house projects, and tailored off-site or online projects. Our programs have catered to more than 50,000 resources cris-cross the industry pan India, and a range of age group from students to top technocrats.

How we do?

Boredom, and monotonous activity is an enemy of Productivity. With carefully designed learning programs an enterprise could do away with both and infuse the much needed boost of performance. The tools we use are:  Innovation, Simplicity, Surprises, Psychology, Alternate techniques embracing theatre, dance & activity, Workshops  and Interactives.

Value for Money!

Practicing what we preach... Innovation is not limited to our programs but the way we manage the programs as well. One reason why CorpMentor is successful without proposing a formidable cost is because we organize & distribute resources efficiently. By this method we have observed despite engaging the best in the industry, our clients get value for money, delivering a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

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