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Our Programs

(Keenly followed by young graduates to better their job and induction prospects)

We live in a Global environment with wide range of personal and professional life skills. Individuals those who can better present and accommodate these social and professional expectations have an advantage over those who are ill-trained. This demand is more pronounced if one is looking for a new assignment/ job or is exposed to multi-cultural global team-client relations. For a fresher this training could as well be the bench mark of selection. With expert guidance and personal coaches one can master the art.

(Suited for Middle and Lower Middle order executives and aspirants looking for P & L roles of business. Nevertheless, the programs are in demand as the firm’s ramping up process as well)

Leadership is an attitude and also an extension of Individual Personality. The ability of an individual to be able to perform as a leader is directly proportional to their ability to work efficiently in a team. There are many techniques and theories around leadership and team dynamics. The program of this category has been designed keeping in mind the different levels of leadership needs in an organization.

(Custom made programs for various aspects of business, change and people management)

Highly customized and researched organizational development module. This category comprises of programs addressing Change Management, Strategic Leadership refreshers, Department Heads Orientations etc. by Industry veterans and Experts.

(Tailor made programs to suit organizational requirements)

Programs are either interactive sessions or workshops specifically designed to deliver a particular choice of process, technical skill set or implementation scheme. Perceived as one of the most boring programs, we ensure participation of delegates by innovative methodology, and delivery formats.

(More adapted to the enterprise needs and an aggressive Business Development Team, covers wide range of techniques for multi-modal seller’s profile)

Selling skills is an art, science, process and probability, all-in-one and is the bloodline of any institution. This set of programs are designed and aimed to address both by enterprise level and individual skill development. Dynamic and power packed modules uses innovative techniques by renowned trainers from the industry to help the participants’ master planning, techniques, psychology, and negotiation skills. This is one of our most sought after programs in the market.

(Sought by individuals as well as enterprises, to augment tele-sales and customer service processes, found highly effective with increase in business performances)

Learning new language increases the brain capacity by 6-14%, according to a new study. But as the age advances, learning becomes tricky. It becomes more of unlearning before the actual learning process. Individuals with pronounced mother tongue influence in their speech finds it difficult to understand and to be understood in a global scenario. CorpMentor’s experts assist participants in Learning Foreign Languages and Accent Neutralizing Programs (analysis, acquainting and rehearsing) 

(These carefully designed programs are aimed at mandatory training for compliances and awareness)

An individual’s erroneous decision in handling statutory compliance processes could spell disaster for the business. These modules aim at addressing the organisations’ compliance for various mandatory awareness and sensitization program, excluding the technical programs.

What we do?

We conceive, design and deliver the training assignments for our clients. The term clients, here could mean both individuals and enterprises with customized mandates of various nature. We offer our service to both in-house projects, and tailored off-site or online projects. Our programs have catered to more than 50,000 resources cris-cross the industry pan India, and a range of age group from students to top technocrats.

How we do?

Boredom, and monotonous activity is an enemy of Productivity. With carefully designed learning programs an enterprise could do away with both and infuse the much needed boost of performance. The tools we use are:  Innovation, Simplicity, Surprises, Psychology, Alternate techniques embracing theatre, dance & activity, Workshops  and Interactives.

Value for Money!

Practicing what we preach... Innovation is not limited to our programs but the way we manage the programs as well. One reason why CorpMentor is successful without proposing a formidable cost is because we organize & distribute resources efficiently. By this method we have observed despite engaging the best in the industry, our clients get value for money, delivering a win-win situation for all the stakeholders.

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